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Do you find yourself dreading business meetings and networking functions because you lack the confidence to “work” the room? Have you stumbled over what to say to someone when first introduced so you avoid mingling all together? Maybe you arrived at that business casual meeting in blue jeans, golf shirt and sneakers only to find everyone in sportcoats, slacks and leather loafers.

Avoid career damaging missteps by mastering the rules of etiquette. Get noticed for the winning image and polished performance you need to display on the business playing field--and leave your competition sitting on the sidelines. Get your manners updated and upgraded!

The old phrase, “Mind your manners,” is not simply meant for preschoolers. Today, successful professionals utilize the best of etiquette skills and social savvy to fast track theircareers. In a competitive marketplace, companies are looking for professionals who dem-onstrate an ability to master the principles of etiquette and lead with confidence.

Our approach to image development centers around the need to always make a positive and lasting impression. Key factors in achieving that goal are displaying a sense of self-worth, proficiency in people skills, expertise in etiquette and business protocol, and perfecting the ability to communicate by strengthening your writing and speaking skills. Image Polish presents a variety of comprehensive programs that help you achieve yourpersonal and career goals, with confidence to ensure your success.

We equip you with winning strategies that allow you to present yourself at your best.

That means you will outshine your competition!


Image Polish offers services in:
Business Etiquette
Personal Image
Children’s Etiquette
Teen Etiquette
Personal Shopping
Interior Styling

Invest in yourself or your organization by polishing your image. We’re here to help you.

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