Business Etiquette programs Business leaders are learning that etiquette and image play an important role in their day-to-day activities.Today?s strategic alliances require a savvy executive who can master the nuances of protocol in business as well as social situations. This program is also an opportunity for the ?executive to be? to get ahead of their competition and show what theyc an do in important business and social settings. >>more

Children?s programs Image Polish?s children?s program is a wonderful ?hands on? educational and entertaining experience. It teaches young girls and boys telephone etiquette, table manners, etiquette in public places, and greetings and introductions and other skills that allow them to handle any social situation with great ease. >>more

Teen Etiquette programs Your teenagers are taught social and communications skills, how to develop positive self-esteem, and dining as well self-respect and respect for others in this etiquette and image program. This program also helps teenagers develop their leadership skills. There will be some role-playing exercises for them as well as a curriculum workbook that they?ll be able to use as a reference guide later. >>more

Personal Image Services Does your staff understand how your company?s bottom line may be impacted when they are inappropriately dressed in the workplace? Do you want to look 20 pounds thinner? Image Polish will even go shopping for that new wardrobe you want to build. We?ll even take you along if you would like. Individual in-home coaching is available or full and half-day coaching sessions may be what the professional you needs. >>more

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