In today’s highly competitive business environment, anyone can wear the title of “executive.”But as more managers are finding out, only those who are good communicators, profi cientin people skills and expert in etiquette and protocol, are truly regarded as corporate leaders.These executives are made -- they are not simply born.

Increasingly, leaders are discovering that etiquette and protocol, dining skills and mannersplay an important role in their day-to-day business. Often strategic alliances and relationships require a savvy executive who is able to master the nuances of protocol in both business and social settings.

This program, which features advanced workplace etiquette and interpersonal skills training, is designed to teach you how to inspire admiration in your clients and employees and instill confidence in your most challenging prospects. Research has shown that manners and etiquette play a big part in enhancing the personal effectiveness of an executive – and it clearly adds to the bottom line. It is these “soft skills” that help you build rapport, develop new clients and retain the clients that you have worked so hard to acquire.

Understanding the correlation between etiquette skills and personal or professional success is a critical attribute of the successful executive. This Business Etiquette program offers all the tips you need to make an appropriate presence in any social setting. You can learn how to cultivate business relationships, the secrets of successful entertaining and how you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

For the young “executive to be”, this is an opportunity to get ahead of the pack and show that future boss what you can do in these important social settings.

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