We all know that children today grow up more quickly than we would like – and they are faced with many challenges and influences along the way. Being able to project a positive self-image and manage social situations with style and grace is a skill that is best taught early in these impressionable years. That’s why we have an etiquette program that is both educational and entertaining which focuses on helping young boys and girls reach their full potential to handle all social situations with great ease.

We teach young men and ladies about personal style, good grooming, telephone manners, introductions, table manners, the importance of a handshake, going places and doing things, the art of conversation and many other topics.

Our programs are fun and there are “hands on” activities that will make them feel very special while they learn good manners and conduct. In addition, these boys and girls will join us for a four-course dinner at a prominent area restaurant to utilize these new social skills in a real life setting.

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