It’s a common phrase, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” What message does your picture convey about you? Sloppy, overdone and over-the-top -- or-- professional, polished and tastefully attired. Projecting the right image is greatly affected by our wardrobe choices. Knowing how to create the image that makes a statement of a polished professional is a learned skill, not something that comes naturally.

At Image Polish, we have developed a personalized service that works with you in creating the image you want to project for all types of social and work environments.We help you learn what clothing styles and colors work best for you and what wardrobe choices to make for the occasion. You will learn to dress with confidence and not worry about wardrobe mishaps undermining your image.

We have services, such as closet consultations, to help the individual with in-home coaching so you can eliminate the items in your current wardrobe that no longer “work” for you. We are also personal shoppers who can help you build that new wardrobe with all the winning choices to fill out that perfect closet collection. In addition, we do personal shopping for gifts as well as home and office items.

We are also available for full or half-day coaching sessions to work with employee teams to create the ultimate company image that is translated to each team member representing the business.

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DECEMBER 5, 2021