Polish your image and you’ll shine!

“The staff at Onyx Magazine is very fortunate to have Melva as one of its columnists. Her contribution has added depth and credibility to the content of our publication. I am extremely pleased with her articles on business and personal etiquette. People seem to have forgotten about sensitivity toward others. Melva’s articles remind us of this responsibility”

Lillian Seays
Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief (retired), Onyx Magazine

“You are absolutely magical!”

National Association of Black Journalists

“Melva, you’re working too hard!”

Shaquille O’Neale
Sports Analyst and Former NBA Player

“I found the programs provide helpful information, humor and an understanding of the importance of practicing etiquette everyday. This service has added value to our summer workshop and has proved to be an asset to our students”
NY Nathiri
Executive Director, Zora Neale Hurston Festival and
Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community
“Melva has an outstanding eye for aesthetics. She visualizes how best to showcase items, then crafts a plan for placement or display, and sees her vision through to reality. I applaud her creativity and commitment to tackling the toughest job”

Geraldine Thompson
Florida House of Representatives, District 44 and
Founder, Wells’ Built Museum of African American History

“Pure professionalism, energy and determination...the accomplishments amaze me”

Jackie Gardner
Executive Producer (retired), Adrenaline Films

Upgrade and Update Your Manners

The goal to feeling comfortable and confident in any situation is rooted in the key factors of: displaying a sense of self-worth; proficiency in people skills; and having the ability to communicate effectively using verbal or non-verbal language.

Our approach to enhancing your image centers around the need to always make a positive and lasting impression. We at ImagePOLISH assist you in mastering these principles so that upon completion of our program, you lead with confidence, and live a life more comfortably and with savvy….we guarantee it!

Melva Akens

“Our image impact programs are focused on developing manners, social skills, leadership, confidence and self-esteem!”

Making a difference with charm and savvy.


it’s you.   only better.

Children's Program

For ages 6 through 12, this program is a hands-on, educational and entertaining experience.  Each participant learns to project a positive self-image and manage how to conduct him/herself by making correct choices.

We teach the importance of having grace,  how to safely utilize new skills in private and public settings, and how to get along with others well.

Featured program topics are:



Going Places and Doing Things
Good Sportsmanship
Table Manners
Online Etiquette

Youth Program

For parents who recognize the importance of teenagers having manners – this program is for you!  In today’s world, teenagers not worrying about making mistakes and feeling awkward is at the top of the list. 

Let us help by introducing to your teen ways to defuse concerns and build up:


Social and Communication Skills




Etiquette in Public Places


Dining Etiquette

Business Program

Leaders are made…they are not simply born.  Having a personal style and a polished image plays a vital role in the world of business.  Strategic alliances require a savvy leader who can master the nuances of protocol in all situations – in other words it’s  knowing what to do, when to do it and making others feel as if they are the most important person in your presence.

Among program topics are:




Etiquette in Public Places




Attributes for Success


Formal Dining Skills



Closet Consultation

Has it ever occurred that your apparel speaks a different language than what you intend it to speak?  Projecting the right image is greatly affected by your wardrobe choices and knowing how to create a statement does not come naturally for everyone.

ImagePOLISH offers a service  that gets to the root of what does and do not work.  Consultations address wardrobe mishaps that undermine your image.  We will eliminate items that no longer  “work” for you and systematically organize your closet making it easy to read and easy to coordinate fabulous  looks.

Personal Shopping

Leave the shopping for apparel, gifts, home and office up to us!  We shop a variety of retailers in a variety of regions so you can relax and enjoy the results.